Impact all around

The Varo Money Power program is making waves throughout classrooms and beyond.


Students in the SaveUp program will learn:

  • Why saving is important
  • How to budget and spend wisely
  • Why savings can help reach financial goals
  • How to open a savings account
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Adult Education Impact

Our free, short, interactive digital lessons provide critical financial education on important topics. The most popular being the following:

  • Healthy financial habits
  • Creating a budget
  • Credit scores and reports
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LA High Schools

Russ x Varo have sponsored 25 LA high schools and provided 7000+ hours of financial education to over 2000 students.

  • After completing the course, 59% of students felt more prepared to setup and follow a budget to manage spending and saving.

Russ x Varo Money Power Workshops

By participating in the Russ x Varo Money Power workshop, students:

  • Learned how to get money, keep money, and grow money.
  • Grow wealth in their own life and in their community.
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